Love your life and B well.

selina ingram ibizaSelina Ingram is a Welsh heal-in facilitator with African/Arabic roots. She’s been helping others heal themselves for over 30 years, and is in demand all over the world.

A larger than life character, trapped in the body of a small, vibrant, Welshwoman, she’s was on the road as a soul diva in the 70s and began taking her gift seriously in the 1980s, when she established her first practice in Las Vegas.

One of many children in a very big family, and now with many nephews and nieces, Selina doesn’t have any children of her own, but mothers the world instead. She has a warm, archetypal mother-energy and many of the affectionate names for her reflect this: ‘Mama Selina’, ‘Mamacita’, ‘Universal Mum’…

Her techniques have their roots in the rich tapestry of her bloodlines and the traditions she has inherited from the East, from Africa and from the Celts.

She is adamant that your heal-is not in her, it is in you, and she has developed a system that facilitates what she calls a fast and intuitive ‘heal-in’ without any laying on of hands. Some clients report a heightened sensation of colour or perception. All report an immense experience of well-being and vitality as a result of their own ‘heal-in’. And you’ll find yourself laughing like you haven’t done for ages!

Over the years, and down the generations, Selina has collected a body of wisdom about techniques to generate optimum wellness. Up until now, she has only been able to share this one-on-one with clients, but which will now be published as a living wisdom series on this website. These are tried and tested techniques, some of them esoteric meditation tips not widely known outside monastic orders, other cutting-edge information about nutrition supplements and some of it just Selina magic! You can sign up to receive this series by email.

Profound life-changes can occur after a heal-in with Selina – the process of reconnecting with our own divine source of energy can bust us right out denial and back onto a truer path with our lives.

Selina has worked with many people, and hopes to work with so many more.

Call Selina for orders or more information: +34-692 828 909